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Product Information


Blue Hour


ライチ / ジャスミン / ジンジャー / ブラックペッパー / ムスク / アンバー

The word “blue hour” refers to a mysterious period of time in which the sky fades in blue before sunrise and sunset. This floral aroma has a refreshing lychee top note with an accent of ginger and pepper.

Lychee / Jasmine / Ginger / Black pepper / Musk / Amber



日本製 / ソイワックス / コットン芯 / 燃焼時間約 45 時間 / 内容量 190g / グラス / 活版印刷カバー / 紙容器

Glass Candle

A high quality fragrance candle made in our own factory by craftsmen’s hand one by one with only carefully selected materials. All raw soybeans are pesticide-free, grown by traditional method. We use only 100% vegetable eco-friendly soy wax which does not contain paraffin or any animal raw materials such as beeswax. The thickness of wick is determined by testing various kinds of wicks to meet the extreme fired condition called “glow zone.” When you light it up with the fire, wax melts moderately without soot and a pool appears on the surface, then fills the room with soft light and pleasant fragrance. A simple and timeless design of the glass reflects the brand’s core concept “ Fragrance as a part of life joy.” Having the brand’s logo at the center of the glass, it became a favorable and place-friendly candle. It’s a perfect for a time with someone special or when you want to relax alone, and also as a gift. 

※glow zone: a state of wick which burns fully at the highest temperature under the influence of oxygen.

Hand-poured in Japan / Soy wax / Cotton wick / 45+ hours burn time / 190g / Glass container / Letterpress printed cover / Kraft tube box

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